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Stargate: Makeshift RPG

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Stargate Command continues to be under threat by the Goa’uld, and still continue to explore other worlds in the name of research and exploration. We follow the various Stargate teams to see into their lives and their missions. We meet some familiar faces as well as some old and some new faces. One thing when being a part of the Stargate Program – anything is possible

Canon NB:
* Takes place at beginning of season 7 (702 ‘Homecoming’)
* Atlantis project hasn’t been founded yet
1. Must be 16 or over, for adult content that may be used during play

2. When playing or posting in OOC you must use your character journal at all times. Do not join the community with your regular journal. You’ll be informed when you can join with the character journal you’ve created.

3. When RPing it helps to have an understanding of the character you’re playing, but because of the time frame the RP is set in, anything goes, so you can do whatever with the character, but please be realistic

4. When other characters come into the RP you’re required to add them as a friend so please do so!

5. You don’t need IM to join this, but you’re asked to regularly join discussions in the OOC community or email one another to discuss RPing, and anything else we may talk about

6. Have fun! We don’t like people ruining the fun for others. If we find there is something happening and is causing much conflict we’ll be handling this seriously.

7. ALL Role Playing should be in 3rd person format (she, he, they, (insert name) etc.). For an example of how you're to roleplay here, please check out this post right here

General George Hammond – hammondof_texas
Col. Jack O’Neill – available
Maj. Samantha Carter – carter_samantha
Dr. Daniel Jackson – danieljackson7
Teal’c – available
Dr. Jonas Quinn – dr_jonas_quinn
Dr. Janet Fraiser – available

Major John Sheppard - sheppardjohn
Dr. Elizabeth Weir – available
First Lieutenant Aiden Ford – available
Teyla Emmagan – available
Dr. Rodney McKay – available

Original Characters
Evelyn Esther Kavanagh M.D - e_kavanagh
Please email to heaz.findlay[AT]gmail.com
Character applying for?
If you don't successfully get this character, which other character would you like to play?
If they're not an SG-1 character, how will they come into the RPG?
Where do you live?
Anything we need to know about you?
Sample RPGing style:

LJ layout: onew | Profile Coding: mordyn4


* SG-1 characters that are still around in season 7 are welcomed
* Atlantis characters can be accepted however because the project hasn’t been founded when applying must provide some background as to how they come into this RPG, if accepted we’ll let you know how we’ll work it through
* Original characters welcome also
* No multi-fandom characters will be accepted, sorry
* Stargate Teams will be created specifically for this RPG, SG-1 will be the only team that will remain together
* One character can be taken to start with. If you wish to take a second character, you must at least have participated in the RPG for some time, and be discussed with the admins before your request may go through

Citizens of Earth live peacefully unaware of the existence of a portal to other worlds, except for those on a need-to-know circumstance. The United States Air Force is under control of the Stargate program, under strict supervision of the United States government.
For the past seven years there have been many expeditions and research into other worlds conducted by those in the Stargate program, comprised of Air Force personel, scientists and doctors. Several units are part of the expeditions themselves, and are named in units after SG (for stargate).
SG-1 have been a part of many explorations and research which have put many lives in jeopardy, yet have successfully (on most occasions) stopped any threat which may have caused catastrophic events to unfold.
There has also been, and still continues to be, a major threat that may cause the destruction of earth – the Goa’uld. These human beings carry with them parasitic creatures, who live inside them, and act as hosts. After killing Ra, the first goa’uld the Stargate teams met, the Stargate Command (and Earth) have become their enemy.
Now SG-1 and all other stargate teams have to protect Earth against Goa’uld threats – possibly other world’s attacks also.